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Effective and Comfortable Change

Care providers or their patients can use this training, as individuals or groups, to quickly and accurately identify and break through barriers keeping people from comfortable and effective change. This 12-hour workshop centers around health, security, self-expression and relationships.

The workshop examines negative beliefs and programming and clarifies values. Participants learn how to “play in the zone” by combining logic, reason and intellect with intuition, creativity and imagination.

We employ relaxation techniques, visualization and affirmation with physical motion to learn about reference points within the body that serve as clues to your responses. These reference points—such as blushing, stomach churning or goosebumps—become the foundational tools for learning to trust your intuition about a situation. We call this process “intuitive impression.”

Marc Hertz has facilitated this workshop since 1978, when he trained in the Human Potential Development Movement (1978-1984) under Howard Nease, a pioneer in the field.

Addiction: The Enemy of Relationships

Marc Hertz has distilled his personal experiences and those of people he has counseled into a deep understanding of the emotional and psychological tolls of addiction on a family. In this engaging and deeply personal presentation, Hertz probes beyond the drugs and alcohol to help participants recognize that the behavioral symptoms of addiction are “contagious“ within a family. He also reveals the damage those symptoms cause in all relationships.

Preoccupation, failed attempts to control, hiding, sneaking and the quest for instant gratification all hurt relationships—and these behaviors aren’t limited to the individual in crisis.

This presentation educates and empowers family members to positively influence relationships and heal while carving their own paths to better lives.

Concierge Services

Certain families, groups or organizations might desire an expanded level of access, personal assistance, attention or confidentiality in dealing with their own behavioral issues or the issues of a loved one. This level of personal involvement and case management is available through our Concierge Recovery Services.

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Dynamic Family Experiences

“He is mentoring young men in recovery and in the yard with the grandkids. Thank you. I can’t imagine where we would be without your guidance.”

Sharon P.

william-moyersThe FRre team is an invaluable resource when a family is ravaged by addiction and seeking recovery not just for a loved one, but for all of them.”

William Moyers, Vice President of Public Affairs and Community Relations at Hazelden Betty Ford

“For so long, without even being aware, I had focused most of my attention on my husband’s problem. In the process, I lost myself… I feel as though it (FRre) has been a lifesaver for my whole family.”

Michelle B.

“Thank you for staying with us throughout the process and supporting me personally.”

Sharon P.

“We were thrilled to witness him experiencing deep belly laughs on Christmas (haven't seen that in years)!”

Tim and Sue P, parents of a young man with addiction issues

“(FRre) was committed to assure that we were getting what we needed and were taking care of ourselves. (They) had advice, strategies and assignments for us as we got involved in our own recovery journey and provided counsel to us in our efforts to find peace among the insanity that goes with addiction.”

Scott and Cathy M., parents