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dy·nam·ic dīˈnamik/
adjective: marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change
noun: a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process
Dynamic is the opposite of stuck.

Where to Begin: Stabilization

If your loved one is experiencing addiction or mental illness, you know that it affects everyone in the family.

  • Substance abuse and behavioral health issues are family diseases, and lasting recovery must be a family process.
  • At Family Recovery Resource Experts, our behavioral health professionals help the whole family heal from addiction and mental health issues.
  • We are ready to meet your family at any stage of your healing journey with tools to stabilize, educate, provide insight and promote functional change.

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Intervention & Education

You may be wondering if an intervention is necessary for your loved one to get the help they need.

  • An intervention isn’t necessarily a singular event. It doesn’t have to come after hitting rock bottom, nor should it focus solely on the individual suffering from addiction or mental illness.
  • Our family therapists take a trauma-informed approach to giving a voice to family members while stabilizing the individual with chemical dependency or behavioral health issues.
  • We work in real-time to educate family members about enabling behaviors while exploring treatment options and resources for the whole family.

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Insight & Healing

Family members of individuals with chemical dependency or mental illness experience their own fears and confusion over the situation.

  • The foundation for lasting change arises from all family members actively joining the recovery process.
  • Our family therapists guide all family members to focus on a family-centric recovery process.
  • We provide tools and insights to support individual growth for all family members—not just the individual with addiction or behavioral health issues.

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Support for Lasting Change

If you've had family therapy in the past, it may have been a long-term, indefinite relationship with a behavioral health specialist who was available during your scheduled appointment time.

  • Our family therapists provide coaching and counsel in real-time as needed to promote lasting and dynamic change for individuals and the entire family system.
  • We take a results-oriented approach, providing families with the tools to emerge from our process ready to practice recovery with as much or as little support as needed.

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Dynamic Family Experiences

“He is mentoring young men in recovery and in the yard with the grandkids. Thank you. I can’t imagine where we would be without your guidance.”

Sharon P.

william-moyersThe FRre team is an invaluable resource when a family is ravaged by addiction and seeking recovery not just for a loved one, but for all of them.”

William Moyers, Vice President of Public Affairs and Community Relations at Hazelden Betty Ford

“For so long, without even being aware, I had focused most of my attention on my husband’s problem. In the process, I lost myself… I feel as though it (FRre) has been a lifesaver for my whole family.”

Michelle B.

“Thank you for staying with us throughout the process and supporting me personally.”

Sharon P.

“We were thrilled to witness him experiencing deep belly laughs on Christmas (haven't seen that in years)!”

Tim and Sue P, parents of a young man with addiction issues

“(FRre) was committed to assure that we were getting what we needed and were taking care of ourselves. (They) had advice, strategies and assignments for us as we got involved in our own recovery journey and provided counsel to us in our efforts to find peace among the insanity that goes with addiction.”

Scott and Cathy M., parents