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Does a loved one's addiction or mental illness have you feeling stuck?

Every individual’s addiction manifests in different ways, but as a family member, chances are you intuitively know when something is wrong.

The indicators could be interpersonal, like when your loved one seems distant and stops relating to you in a healthy manner. Maybe they act defensive or try to shift the blame when you approach the subject of their alcohol or drug use. Perhaps they get angry, even aggressive, when you suggest that they seek help.

Or maybe you recognize the classic symptoms of addiction or mental illness, like neglecting obligations and hygiene, losing track of time or money, poor health or legal consequences.

You’re not alone, and it’s never too early to begin the process of family recovery.

We offer initial consultations with our team of compassionate, experienced professionals at no financial obligation to you. There is never a wrong time to get help.

Accepting your role as influencer

Just as the individual with addiction or mental illness cannot control their behaviors, it’s impossible for you to control your loved one. And that’s okay. Coming to terms with the idea of powerlessness is only the beginning of the family healing process that we at Family Recovery Resource Experts have identified as the most effective treatment for lasting change.

You can’t control their behavior, but you can influence their recovery by refocusing your energy on the one thing you can control: yourself. How much time do you spend preoccupied or worrying about your loved one? Are you distracted from your daily functions, or experiencing physical stress symptoms resulting from your loved one’s actions?

Getting unstuck

At Family Recovery Resource Experts, you don’t have to feel stuck anymore. Our behavioral health specialists will guide family members through evidence-based methods to reduce conflict in the family, promote effective thinking patterns and improve stress responses in real-time with all family members. This may include an initial intervention with your loved one, but you’ll also learn tools and strategies for healing the entire family. Read more about our unique approach to intervention. 

While your loved one gains stability in his or her own addiction or mental illness, the family grows away from enabling behaviors and harmful actions that can sabotage recovery. By controlling your actions—actions you might not recognize right now—you can influence theirs.

With a trauma-informed approach to counseling, Family Recovery Resource Experts will help you get to the root of this family disease, and equip you with the tools to start healing.

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