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The vision lives on

I entered this field as an interventionist, becoming involved with families focused on an initially identified individual. I would facilitate admission to a treatment program and also provide assistance to that individual after […]


The word conjures up different images: An old man on the front porch, a guy in slippers and a bathrobe with a pipe, cruise ships and tropical islands, etc. For […]

In the driver’s seat of my recovery: an interview with Dan B.

We recently sat down and talked with Dan B.*, a young man in recovery who used the services of FRrē. He now has goals and a strong foundation for his […]

How the insights gained during our dynamic family workshop dramatically improved our relationships with one another: a letter to Marc Hertz

Immediate changes We were absolutely thrilled with the workshop. Things practically changed on a dime at our house after our time with you. My husband John was absolutely thrilled and […]

Want a quick fix, or an effective fix for behavior health issues?

“The customer is always right! Right?” This expression works great for most organizations providing a service to a client/customer. But what should providers do when the customer is asking for […]

How family-focused recovery creates a generational legacy of healing

When a family comes to the FRrē organization, they’re usually pretty confident that they know who or what the problem is: An individual in the family has a mental health […]

Concerned about a loved one? 5 ways to provide them support over the holidays

The holidays can be stressful for everyone. The stress can be elevated if you have a family member or friend who is in recovery, whether long-term or more recent, and […]

4 ways to reduce holiday stress

The holidays are a time to show those you love how much you care, by buying gifts (sometimes unnecessarily), creating crafts and elaborate treats, hosting events in your home, saying […]

6 Tips to Minimize Family Drama During the Holidays

My husband and I were talking about the upcoming holidays and that we were determined to make them “good” again and to try to have a wonderful time with family. […]

Helping Families Help Their Kids

Faith communities are uniquely positioned to provide parents with resources. Here at FRrē, we partner with churches and spiritual and faith communities to provide resources to families struggling with their […]

What’s in a Name?

There is much discussion in the field of substance use disorder about the stigma associated with the words “addiction” and “alcoholism.” Being old enough to remember when there was no […]

Tips for Schools to Help a Student Struggling with Addiction or Mental Illness

Teachers and counselors have one of the busiest jobs trying to keep track of all of their students, their assignments, tests, attendance, etc. What about their students’ health, physically and […]

Drinking Around a Loved One in Recovery

As an opiate and cocaine addict in recovery I sometime think, “Oh, those poor alcoholics. How do they do it? Their favorite drug is right in front of them all […]

Young People Do Recover

Hear from a couple that felt lost and were at their wits end. Tim and Sue knew they needed to find help for their son who was struggling. After engaging […]

A Path to Healing from Addiction

In this video you will experience a family’s story about their journey to recovery and healing. When Chris and Michele first came to FRrē, the goal was to “fix” the […]

In Praise of Crisis

In mid-November of 1981 my family gave me a one-way plane ticket from Providence, RI to Minnesota, a 30-day all expenses paid stay at Hazelden, and a stern admonition to […]

Does Treatment Work?

While the war on drugs rages on and the opioid crisis continues to worsen, the arguments continue: Treatment works! Treatment doesn’t work! The “bad science” of the 12-step modality — […]

Unintended Consequences

When I came to work for Family Recovery Resource Experts in January, I knew a little bit of “therapy lingo,” but not as a licensed practitioner. Coming into the role […]

Why Are You Asking so Many Questions?

As your first point of contact here at FRrē, it is my top priority to ensure you feel comfortable and safe sharing information about the situation you and your loved […]

Dynamic Family Workshops

One of the services offered by FRrē is what we call the Dynamic Family Workshop. The workshop is typically a two-day experiential event, although it can be crafted to last […]

Enabling Negative Behavior

Enabling is a term you hear quite a bit in the recovery community. It comes with a negative connotation. Family and friends are warned not to enable. When I think […]

The God Concept in Alcoholics Anonymous

If you go to a 12-step meeting such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, you’re gonna hear the G word: “God.” I have had clients reject the idea of AA […]

Why Is Trauma a Four-Letter Word for so Many Men?

“Don’t cry.” “Don’t ask for help.” “Always be in control.” “Don’t display any vulnerability.” “Don’t acknowledge pain.” “Don’t be weak!” In my previous blog post “Why Gender Matters,” we looked […]

Acceptance Is Key to Family Recovery

About a year ago, at a graduation ceremony for a recovery high school, I heard a story from a mother talking about her experience accepting her daughter’s path down the […]

The Problem with Diagnoses

Recently, I sat with a young client who was convinced her mother is bi-polar. I asked why she thought that and she replied, “Because one moment she’s happy with me […]

Is Addiction a Disease?

A great deal of time, energy and research has been given to the concept of addiction as a disease. Just about every treatment provider talks about a genetic pre-disposition to […]

Avoiding Multiple First Therapy Sessions

Engaging in therapy is not easy. Even when one has arrived at the knowledge that a problem is too great to solve alone, asking for help is tough for even […]

Losing the War on Drugs

There’s a lot of attention lately on the “opioid epidemic” in America. Opioids were involved in the deaths of more than 42,000 people in 2016. For perspective, car accidents killed […]

Resistance to Change Can Be Overcome

“Change causes stress.” Seems like everyone is on board with this concept. When I’m running a workshop or speaking to families, and I ask, “Does change cause stress?” I always […]

You’re Not Crazy, Just Human

As a behavioral health professional, I sometimes find myself wishing I could “cure” people. In fact, sometimes I wish I could cure myself. Then I remember two things: It’s not […]

The Evolution of Intervention

I got my start in this field by performing traditional interventions. Once an individual finished treatment, I often worked with them, assisting with navigation into the recovery community while providing […]

Why Gender Matters

Following is the first in a series of forthcoming blogs that address the impact of gender on behavioral health care. The very first question posed to an expectant mother is […]

What to Expect When You Reach Out to FRrē

Families are often unsure of their options when they are dealing with issues concerning communication, relationships, mental health, substance use, or other behavioral concerns. The one thing they all have […]

A Mother’s Guilt

The night before Valentine’s Day, I arrived home around 6 p.m. After a 40-minute commute, I picked up my three children, made dinner, cleaned up dinner, and supervised the making […]

Facing the Storm: Healing the Entire Family System

Interacting with a family member who has a behavioral issue is never easy. Issues with substance use, processes like gambling, acting out sexually, or complicated relationships with food or mental […]

Non-Linear Recovery: the Connection Between Kintsugi and Wabi-Sabi

Early in my helping career, I succumbed to the idea that the process of individual recovery had a beginning, a middle, and an end goal. I believed the process was […]

Do Epigenetics Really Influence Our Behavior? Yes.

Epigenetics is a new field that comes with some controversy. As a discipline, epigenetics asserts that some of the experiences that drive our behavior come from our ancestors. While one […]

Recovery is a Long and Worthwhile Process

Recovery is an elusive term, and one that often isn’t fully understood, even by those in treatment. But no matter how you define it, recovery means a better future for individuals and families.

Family Systems Key to Lasting Recovery

Substance use disorders and mental health issues can affect friends and family just as much as the individual experiencing difficulties. While the focus naturally gravitates towards the individual, effective treatment […]

Trauma’s Impact on Families Can’t Be Overlooked

Very few among us will go through life without experiencing some sort of trauma. As uncomfortable as it is, it remains part of our human existence. But while trauma may […]

The Impact of Addiction on my Family

I was at a 12-step meeting the other night and the topic was “consequences.” I heard some pretty intense stuff in regard to the consequences of active addiction. After 25 […]

Women Face Unique Challenges in Addiction Recovery

From outside influences telling them they have to be perfect to inside motivations to shut out emotions, young women face a number of unique challenges when seeking treatment for a […]

Addiction Recovery for Young Men

Young men face numerous challenges when entering recovery that often inhibit them from accepting help. These challenges are both emotional and environmental, but it’s important to acknowledge and address these […]

A Child’s Role in Family Recovery

Addiction is a family disease. When one family member has a substance use disorder, it affects everyone else in the family, including children. As unintended victims, many children do not […]

Healing Addiction’s Wounds in Relationships

Relationships are often the first victims of substance abuse or active addiction. Through the addiction recovery process and family counseling at Family Recovery Resource Experts, families learn to repair those […]

Family Relationships Can Hold the Key to Change

Relationships between family members are often tested more frequently and more fiercely than any other relationships in our lives. The trials of life can push those bonds to the brink […]

Overcoming Labels and the Shame They Create

Many think of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction as a physical and emotional process for only the individual with “the problem.” Creating the important healing within families starts with […]

Solutions-Based Approach to Family Therapy

Families are often stuck by the cluster of behaviors they see in a loved one dealing with substance abuse. Being able to point to a diagnosis that can explain everything […]

A New Brand, a New Take on Family Intervention

Every interventionist says they like working with families. When I started in this field as an interventionist and recovery coach, I felt the same way. I still do, perhaps more […]

A Focus on Shared Goals Helps Families Recover from Addiction

Here’s a scenario that might ring familiar: Someone in your inner circle is suffering from addiction. Everyone close to this person can see it, but there’s no consensus on how […]

What Do I Do Now that my Loved One is in Treatment?

After your loved one has started treatment for substance use disorder, families often experience both confusion and hope. You may have no idea how you have unwittingly contributed to the […]

Five Ways to Support Your Family as a Loved One Enters Treatment

Your loved one has finally agreed to enter treatment for addiction or mental health issues. If they’re going to in-patient treatment, you’re ready to drop them off at the facility. […]

Answers to Your Questions as Your Loved One Enters Treatment

Once a person with substance use disorder or behavioral or mental health issues decides to enter treatment, family members often feel a sense of relief. They’ve been spinning around in […]

How Gender-Informed Treatment Helps Men Recover from Trauma

Rob Rodriguez, the latest addition to the Marc Hertz therapeutic team, has been involved in facilitating trauma-specific healing for men struggling to overcome trauma brought about by troubling childhood experiences. […]

How Substance Use Disorders in the Family Traumatize Children

Our newest addition to the team, Rob Rodriguez, discusses the impact of substance use disorders on kids—whether they’re the ones using or not. Marc Hertz Consulting is thrilled to announce […]

Dynamic Family Services Provide Hope for Families in an Addiction Crisis

When a family in crisis from addiction decides they are ready to seek help, it’s usually because they feel stuck. They’ve tried everything that has made sense to them and […]

Minimizing Damage from a Substance Use Disorder Crisis in the Family

How we handle a crisis is as important as dealing with the issue itself. This is especially true when a family is dealing with a substance use disorder. Of course, […]

What to Expect When You Seek Crisis Counseling

Dynamic Family Services include care for the whole family, not just the person with a substance use disorder. There’s a parable in the drug and alcohol recovery community that sums […]

Is This a Crisis?

It might take an outside viewpoint to recognize behavioral health dysfunction in your family. There’s a saying about a frog jumping into a pot of water on the stove. As […]

Why is My Loved One Acting This Way?

For family members of people with addictive behaviors, the why questions are difficult to reconcile. Trauma-informed care can provide answers. It’s a question almost everyone who’s been touched by addiction […]

Family-Focused Recovery Starts with Family Members

Taking care of yourself when your loved one is suffering is critical to healing your family. For family members concerned that a loved one is reaching a crisis with their […]

Control Versus Influence

Family-focused recovery helps people positively influence their addicted loved ones, but not through trying to control them. We had a client recently who was the father of a teenaged son. […]

Worried a Loved One is Facing Addiction? Trust Your Intuition

Family members of people with addiction or mental illness should listen to that inner voice telling them something’s not right. By Marc Hertz Something is going on with your loved […]

Trauma-informed recovery focus for families in 2016

We’ve made a lot of progress in family-focused recovery in 2015, but more work remains. Closing out 2015, I’ve been reflecting on what we’ve seen from the needs of our […]

Existing in Relationships

Family-focused recovery acknowledges the power of relationships in the healing process. The way we focus on most problems is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. That means that when […]

Opioid Addiction Treatment is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Families struggling with a loved one’s opioid addiction need help sorting through the options and finding the one that’s best for their situation. When we talk about the opioid epidemic […]

The Trauma-Addiction Connection

Leading-edge treatment providers are pioneering solutions that address trauma. An old associate of mine who had many years of experience in the addiction recovery field used to say, “90 percent […]

A Good Ending to a Traditional Intervention

Jen Stowe describes the second part of an intervention on a heroin-addicted young woman. Note: this is the second of a two-part series describing a real-life traditional intervention on a heroin-addicted young woman. Jessica is not her real name.

How a Traditional Intervention Works

Marc Hertz describes the first stage of a recent traditional intervention for a heroin-addicted young woman. This is the first in a two-part series describing a real-life traditional intervention. For […]

Family Intervention Guides Loved Ones to Look at Themselves

For addiction and mental health issues, a traditional intervention isn’t always best. Sometimes a collaborative intervention is called for. It’s a typical scenario: A family comes to an addiction interventionist […]

New Blog Exploring Family-Focused Recovery

Welcome to the new blog for Marc Hertz Consulting and FRrē. In a bid to communicate the latest innovations in family-focused recovery, we want to bring you our thinking on […]