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Drinking Around a Loved One in Recovery

As an opiate and cocaine addict in recovery I sometime think, “Oh, those poor alcoholics. How do they do it? Their favorite drug is right in front of them all […]

Does Treatment Work?

While the war on drugs rages on and the opioid crisis continues to worsen, the arguments continue: Treatment works! Treatment doesn’t work! The “bad science” of the 12-step modality — […]

Enabling Negative Behavior

Enabling is a term you hear quite a bit in the recovery community. It comes with a negative connotation. Family and friends are warned not to enable. When I think […]

The Problem with Diagnoses

Recently, I sat with a young client who was convinced her mother is bi-polar. I asked why she thought that and she replied, “Because one moment she’s happy with me […]

Avoiding Multiple First Therapy Sessions

Engaging in therapy is not easy. Even when one has arrived at the knowledge that a problem is too great to solve alone, asking for help is tough for even […]

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