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The vision lives on

By Comments off By the Numbers: The vision lives on

I entered this field as an interventionist, becoming involved with families focused on an initially identified individual. I would facilitate admission to a treatment program and also provide assistance to that individual after treatment. All the while, I was haunted by the lack of attention the family received after that individual was taken to treatment and, in general, the lack of attention paid to the family system, as a whole, in this field.

As my practice grew, two things changed the course of my career: choosing to use LMFTs (licensed marriage and family therapists) as interventionists and shifting the focus to providing trauma-responsive services. Marc Hertz Consulting evolved and rebranded as FRrē (Family Recovery Resource Experts). 

For the past four years, FRrē’s flagship service has been two-day intensive workshops with families, where everyone in the system gets the help and attention they need and deserve. We did not invent the intensive workshop model or trauma-responsive care. What we did was integrate these things in a way that no one else in this field has. With our Dynamic Family Services®, finger pointing, blame and shame were minimized and collaboration, voice and choice for the client(s) was maximized.

October 1st was my official retirement date, but for most, my absence will not be noticed. FRrē and its mission to effectively intervene in situations that have families stuck continues with its truly-gifted team: Rob Rodriguez, Rachel Schutt, Amy Diamond Stephan and Rick Dauer.

But there’s more…

FRrē has and continues to serve a niche, working with families and individuals with sufficient resources to go after the needed solution(s). It’s a good niche, but a niche, nonetheless. 

Eleven years ago, Rob Rodriguez had a vision of helping families that are traditionally underserved, lacking the resources to get the help they need. For the past several months, I have had the honor of being involved in the realization of Rob’s vision—the formation of a 501c3 charitable organization called The Family Hub. This new, independent nonprofit organization will provide the type of healing and services that have become FRrē’s hallmark to those underserved individuals and families. This evolution, pairing Rob’s vision and the quality behavioral health services he’s been instrumental in developing at FRrē, is incredibly exciting and already has the feel of something big…something meant to be.

Although I’m done, the good work continues. Watch for future blogs and announcements from FRrē and The Family Hub. I know I will!