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How the insights gained during our dynamic family workshop dramatically improved our relationships with one another: a letter to Marc Hertz

By Comments off By the Numbers: How the insights gained during our dynamic family workshop dramatically improved our relationships with one another: a letter to Marc Hertz

Immediate changes

We were absolutely thrilled with the workshop. Things practically changed on a dime at our house after our time with you. My husband John was absolutely thrilled and what he called “enlightened” by the experience. He has never read a “self-help” book in his life and we have talked about taking what we learned from the experience and running with it. Things are so good and have changed dramatically since our time with you.

The biggest change is with our son, Gil. John often now says, “Let Gil be Gil,” (quoting you) which has shifted the dynamics in their relationship. Even with basketball, which John helps coach; all of a sudden they are both having fun doing it! We have all (including our daughter Suzie) become much more aware of negative language we use with Gil.

Success at school

Also, after the workshop, we decided to have a very direct meeting with his teachers. Gil is now spending time with a completely different set of kids (for the better) and finally doing great with math. Gil has managed some compassion for   the one teacher we discussed, and has been generally less combative at school.

One day, he and I did the “what story are you telling yourself” exercise and he completely changed from being a brat about homework to doing it himself. It was amazing!

Accepting “where we are”

Our daughter Suzie is a tough cookie and is in a tough stage.  She is very arrogant, yet in the process of finding herself. Our family meeting and the insights we all got did help some with our relationship with her. John and I had no idea she had such boundary needs! She is trying to spend some time with us in the evening – she watches her show on the same floor as us (not so removed), and she is much nicer to Gil. John and I have talked off and on about that video you showed us and it serves as a reminder that she can be all over the place emotionally right now.

On the extended family front, I have talked to my mom about not getting sucked into the parenting role with her. So, things between my mom and I are so much better.

So that is the update from us. Not a day goes by that I don’t really have a good think about what we talked about. Part of me does not want to hear anymore of what we “could work on.”  I mean that as a compliment! I think we all felt empowered by your insight. We are so grateful to you and the FRrē team for the work you do!

I am sure I will see you again. I hope to attend one of your talks that you give out in the community.


Michelle S

We received this letter from a family after they completed a two-day dynamic family workshop. If you would like to learn more about how FRrē can help you and your family heal from communication, relationship or behavioral issues, contact us at or schedule a consultation to learn more.