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4 ways to reduce holiday stress

By Comments off By the Numbers: 4 ways to reduce holiday stress

The holidays are a time to show those you love how much you care, by buying gifts (sometimes unnecessarily), creating crafts and elaborate treats, hosting events in your home, saying yes to another get-together with friends or neighbors, and basically “doing it all.” The stress that comes with this can cause extreme exhaustion. Some of this we cannot get away from, but we can try to focus inward and still have a meaningful and celebratory season.

In part two of this three-part blog series about managing holiday stress during this season, we focus on taking care of ourselves. There is no one but yourself who says you have to do all of this for others. Sure, do some of it, do the things that bring you joy as well, and feel free to say no or scale back on some of the extras that just don’t help make your season brighter.

Taking care of yourself

Here are a few ways to keep a more simple focus this season:

1. Keep routines and traditions the same or similar to what they have been. If time, energy and money are tight this year, it might not be the best year to host the first neighborhood get-together. Let someone else host, or wait until next year.

2. Plan ahead where possible. The farther out you prepare for potential holiday stressors like menus, gifts and events, the higher chance you’ll actually be able to enjoy them yourself.

3. Learn how to say no without feeling guilty. Remember, the holiday is about you: it’s your family and your celebration. Feeling like we have to do something to please someone else adds to the anxiety/stress.

4. Don’t abandon your own routine of health and fitness. Take a walk, even if it is for 10 minutes. It will help rejuvenate you and allow you a quick time out.

In order to enjoy giving to others, you must give to yourself. If you start here, you will have more energy and peace around the holiday season. For help with navigating stressful situations or a family issue, please reach out to us.