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A Path to Healing from Addiction

By Comments off By the Numbers: A Path to Healing from Addiction

In this video you will experience a family’s story about their journey to recovery and healing.

When Chris and Michele first came to FRrē, the goal was to “fix” the problem (in their case, it was to “fix” Chris, the alcoholic). Quickly they learned that working with FRrē meant much more than just getting Chris to treatment.

Over a period of time, they learned to stabilize their family, reduce reactivity that led to conflict, and communicate more effectively. They were educated through couples counseling on the various issues and adaptations for both of them that caused conflict in the relationship. With guidance, they chose a resource that was the best fit for Chris to get the help he needed. At the same time, Michele was urged to get some help and support for herself.

The insight FRrē provided was far more comprehensive than simply sending Chris away to treatment. The FRrē team provided case management with the treatment provider, which helped Chris feel like he had an advocate working for him and his family. Michele also had her own recovery plan, separate from Chris’s treatment plan, to take care of herself and her needs.

By intervening with the entire family system, the whole family was able to heal and grow. Using real-time and real-life situations, FRrē guided the family to interact more effectively. Today, Chris has more than five years in recovery and Michele is also in her own recovery through Al-Anon and other support systems.

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