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Dynamic Family Workshops

By Comments off By the Numbers: Dynamic Family Workshops

One of the services offered by FRrē is what we call the Dynamic Family Workshop. The workshop is typically a two-day experiential event, although it can be crafted to last anywhere from a half-day to three days.

The process begins with the FRrē team gathering information from one family or multiple families to develop the material and curriculum for the workshop. This can be done with a face-to-face interview, by telephone or video chat, or might be the result of hours of previous work with our team. Once that is complete, we produce a workbook for each participant.

The workshop can take place just about anywhere that provides enough comfort and privacy. We have had them in our office, in the homes of clients and in venues such as hotels.

The workshops are experiential in nature and a full day can go very quickly. The intensive atmosphere allows us to achieve exponentially more in a short period of time than traditional therapy in regard to changing the trajectory of relationships within a family.

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