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The Evolution of Intervention

By Comments off By the Numbers: The Evolution of Intervention

I got my start in this field by performing traditional interventions. Once an individual finished treatment, I often worked with them, assisting with navigation into the recovery community while providing a layer of accountability.

The lack of attention paid and help given to the families of those struggling with substance use disorder struck me as important. Every interventionist says, “I love working with families.” All too often this is limited to a few-hour preparation session for the intervention. It’s important, but it’s only a tiny sliver of what is needed.

Spouses and partners, children, parents and often siblings of the initially identified individual have suffered significantly as part of a system negatively affected by a behavioral issue. Negative beliefs, communication and boundary issues, unintentional enabling, dishonesty, failed attempts to control all take a toll. These repetitive tendencies add to the sum total of the family’s experiences and therefore the quality of the relationships within that family. These dynamics became my passion.

A decade later, Marc Hertz Consulting LLC has evolved in name and mission into FRrē, Family Recovery Resource Experts. We have full-time family therapists who are intervening systemically with families. Yes, most of the families who come to us are pointing a finger at an individual they are concerned about.  Yes, we are still getting that individual to move forward with the help they need to address the behavioral issue that has everyone concerned.

At FRrē we have redefined intervention. Our flagship service has evolved from the traditional intervention to two- and three-day Dynamic Family Workshops where finger pointing, shame, blame and anger are refocused towards the quality of relationships within the system. In this way we are able to more collaboratively move the whole family towards healing with a sense of dignity intact.

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